RoShamBo – Custom Team Apparel Printing

The Bay Area’s 2012 dragon boat season is up and running and that means races are fast approaching!

What’s the one thing that makes a team stand out at the marshaling tent?  Team uniforms.

What’s the one thing that makes for a cool team uniform?  A custom design that captures the spirit of your team.

What’s the one thing that makes custom apparel a pain to get?  Finding a dependable company.

In our 2011 season, SFL decided to pursue printing custom team jerseys that were fully sublimated.  This meant that we needed a vendor who could successfully print on a garment where the ink was permanently embedded in the fabric (check the header image).  We found a vendor (who shall remain nameless) that could fill our order at a low price.  What happened?  We got a box of jerseys that were printed well but had serious design flaws and came with crappy customer service that would give anybody a splitting headache.

In 2008, SFL contacted RoShamBo Custom Teamware, a company based out of Oakland, to make our first run of custom race jerseys.  Lora and Sean took great care of us and an awesome end product.  Their attention to detail, crazy work ethic, and commitment to their customers made all the difference.  What’s even better is that they NOW can create a range of products from fully sublimated apparel such as our current jerseys to other custom apparel products.

If your dragon boat team is looking to make some sweet, new uniforms for this racing season or casual apparel for hanging in off the water, give RoShamBo Custom Teamware a shout out and see what they can work out with you to make your custom project become reality.

You can learn more about RoShamBo Custom Teamware on their website here (opens a new window)

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