The Team

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The Suen Feng Loong Dragon Boat Team (otherwise known as SFL) was established in 2003 through the combined efforts of high school dragon boat veterans from the Bay Area. The team itself, as a collective effort to bring together a group of close-knit friends to share in the experience of dragon boating, assembled people from various colleges and universities. Though the initial goal was to simply form a team of friends, the result was the formation of a college crew undivided by the division of school. In the true spirit of dragon boating, SFL not only provided a home available to any paddler no matter their collegiate background, but also welcomed anybody who simply wished to have fun in a competitive atmosphere.

One of the crew’s greatest successes was at the 2nd Annual CDBA College Cup in 2006, when they made a clean sweep of the awards: 1st place in both the Men’s and Women’s Division (thanks to a collaboration with the now-defunct CCSF College Crew) and 1st place in the Competitive A Division, winning the College Championship.

Members from the original college crew, along with other SFL newcomers, have since made their leap into the competitive dragon boating world. 2009 marked the first time the team traveled outside of California, competing at the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race and finishing 4th place overall. At the 2009 CDBA Sprint Race, SFL finished 2nd overall, finally defining itself as one of the Bay Area’s premiere dragon boat teams. To finish the year, SFL made it to the Grand Championships at the San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival – the largest dragon boat festival in the United States – and placed among the top 6 of over 60 teams.

2009 also saw the revival of the SFL College Crew, with a fresh new group of students to take the reigns.

Moving forward, SFL hopes to build upon its successes: to provide a diverse team for those seeking dragon boating adventure, to travel and compete at new and exciting locations, and to actively strive for paddling excellence.

Visit the official team website for more info.

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